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The purpose of Eat Groovy (http://www.eatgroovy.com/) is to encourage people to eat healthier by sharing lots of great food facts, nutrition info, healthy eating tips, and more! Also, we love to share healthy and delicious recipes on our recipe website: http://eatgroovyrecipes.blogspot.com/.

The best way to contact Eat Groovy is via Twitter (@EatGroovy) but you can also email us at eatgroovy@gmail.com.

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Eat Groovy was created and is managed by Kara Monterey. To connect with or learn more about Kara, follow her on TwitterPinterest, Facebook, and/or check out her personal blog:
http://www.karamonterey.blogspot.com/. You can also contact her via email at kara_27@live.com. In addition to Eat Groovy, Eat Groovy  Healthy Recipes, and her personal blog, Kara manages a number of other websites including Kara's Glamour BlogMust See ShortsThe Digital Currency BlogAn Inspiration Book, and KaraMPoetry. Kara currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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